Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Book project

For my book project I plan on doing a contrast between two areas in Brooklyn: Crown Heights and Brookyln Heights. I think I'm going to call it either the "Heights in Brooklyn" or "Two different Heights". I want to demonstrate how alot of the Crown Heights area is neglected while the Brooklyn Heights area is always very well kept. The houses and apartments in Brooklyn Heights are beautiful while the houses and apartment buildings in Crown Heights are either rundown or mediocre in comparision. Besides the residential areas in Crown Heights there are things like vacant lots that once had plans to become a church and old buildings that collapsed that are overlooked. There are so many stores in the area that were open at one time and
aren't open anymore. In the Brooklyn Heights area there aren't any areas that look run down or shabby like in crown heights. I just want to show the major differences within the same borough.


Blogger Robin said...

This is a very ambitious idea. which is great. Now lets narrow it down into a a 10 page project. One idea might be to think of this as 5 spreads with a photograph from one of the Heights on the left of every spread and one on the right from the other Heights. So for example, two equivalent playground shots. To maximize your point each shot will have to be as similar as possible.

You might use the text in a number of ways. It could directly relate to the pictures or each spread could have a factoid that compares the two neighborhoods and may or may not relate to the pictures.. Think about what purpose you want the text to serve.

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